Cofrin Nature Park to Close April 6 for Construction


Cofrin Nature Park, which is located at 4810 NW Eighth Ave., is closing beginning Monday, April 6, for major structural repairs to stabilize the shoreline of Beville Creek, a stream that bisects the park.  It is anticipated that the park will reopen in August 2015.                         

Historic attempts by previous land owners to stabilize the shoreline from severe erosion included installation of wooden retaining walls.  Over time, these walls have crumbled, and the walls and shoreline are now crumbling and falling into the creek.  Park structures that are situated close to the creek are in jeopardy, and the loose dirt poses safety risks for park patrons  standing too close to the shoreline.  Additionally, the water quality of the creek is compromised downstream due to the addition of silt to the water stemming from the crumbling shoreline.

The City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department has hired a contractor to begin shoreline stabilization efforts.  For public safety reasons, the entire park must be shut down while the contractor is working.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

Park patrons are encouraged to utilize other parks while this work is taking place.  Albert “Ray” Massey (Westside) Park is located 1.5 miles east, and it contains many of the same amenities found at Cofrin Nature Park, including picnic tables and pavilions, a playground, walking trails and tennis courts.

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