Cold Weather Feb. 18-20 – Park & Pool Operations Affected


Over the days of February 18-20, cold and freezing weather can affect park and facility operations. Please be advised when visiting a park or Dwight H. Hunter Pool (Northeast) pool.

When freezing temperatures are predicted, park operations will continuously run its backflow preventers throughout the parks and facilities system. This means that the irrigation systems continuously drip in order to prevent freezing, which can damage the irrigation components. Due to this procedure, the department typically receives calls referencing "leaking pipes and faucets." Please help us inform the general public of this practice. Please contact Linda Demetropoulos, nature operations manager, at or 352-393-8445.

Dwight H. Hunter (Northeast) Pool will close remain closed until 3:00 pm on Feb. 19, and will only be open until 6:00 pm. When ambient air temperatures drop below 45ºF. Freezing overnight temperatures can also determine pool closures. The pool blankets will be placed over the entire pool at closing time each day when the ambient air temperature is forecast to drop below 45°F for at least two consecutive nights. The blankets will be removed the next day at the pool’s scheduled opening time, unless the air temperature is still below 45°F.

The pool blankets will not be removed from the pool when the ambient air temperature is at or below 45°F. If forecasts call for freezing conditions, the swimming pool will not open to the general public or aquatic user groups.

If the wind is over 15 mph, aquatic staff will not put the blankets on or remove them until such time as the wind velocity drops below 15 mph. This applies to steady wind velocity as well as wind gusts.

Aquatic staff will make every attempt possible to accommodate our patrons, but safety and protection of equipment must be of primary concern.

The Aquatic Supervisor or his/her designee will make the final decision regarding covering and uncovering the pool. Please call ahead before visiting to ask about current conditions at 352-334-2191.