Thomas Center Galleries Announce Special Sept. 18 Evening Viewing of ABOUT FACE Portraits with Presence Prior to Closing on Sept. 20


The Thomas Center Galleries will close its highly-praised and extremely well-attended exhibition, ABOUT FACE Portraits with Presence, Saturday, Sept. 20. In response to requests for extended hours, there will be a special evening viewing of the exhibition Thursday, Sept. 18 from 6:30-8 p.m. The exhibition curator, Anne Gilroy, and a number of the artists and collectors will be on hand to celebrate the exhibitions successful run and speak with guests.

Presenting work from both emerging and established artists, ABOUT FACE Portraits with Presence is the largest exhibition in the 35-year history of the Thomas Center Galleries with 107 artworks by 37 artists displayed in both the Main and Mezzanine Galleries. The exhibit reaches broadly in defining "portraiture." The collection of work combines classical and traditional work with unexpected interpretations of portraiture in the artist's enduring quest to capture the presence of a person in both two- and three-dimensional media.

Images from the exhibition can be viewed online at

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