Parking Permits

In the interest of public safety and in response to COVID -19, City Hall is closed to the public.
Please note, parking is never "lifted" in the City of Gainesville. Vehicles are always required to park safely and legally.
If you are eligible to receive Commercial, Service or Visitors permits. Please contact Billing & Collections at 352-334-5024 regarding the payment process.

Important information about changes for purchasing on-street parking permits

Beginning in August 2020, the City of Gainesville Department of Transportation and Mobility is transitioning from permanently affixed decals to using license plate numbers as the permit. Along with this change, residents will be purchasing permits online. Each resident will need to provide proofs of residency, their driver license, and the vehicle registration to show that they qualify for the parking permit. Each vehicle requires a separate permit, so these files will be needed for each vehicle needing a permit.

All residents must provide:

  • A copy of their current driver license;
  • A copy of the current vehicle registration in the resident’s name or in the name of the resident’s parent with the same last name. 

If the registration does not meet this requirement, click her for a Family Own Vehicle Use Affidavit or click her for Corporate own Vehicle Use Affidavit.

Accepted Proofs of Residency

Homesteaded Properties & Non-homesteaded Properties – Owner permits

The online system requires two proofs of residency; however, you can attach the single proof of residency in both sections. The proof of residency can be:

  • The annual TRIM notice from the Property Appraiser’s office; or
  • A copy of the current homestead exemption card; or
  • A printout from the Alachua County Property Appraiser’s website.

Fraternity/Sorority Houses & Infinity Hall Residents

The online system requires two proofs of residency; however, you can attach the single proof of residency in both sections. The official proof of residency is the resident list provided by the University of Florida. For fraternity/sorority residents, submit a picture of the English name of the fraternity/sorority sign; do not submit a picture of Greek letters. For Infinity Hall residents, submit a picture of Infinity Hall’s building sign.

Apartment and Rental House Residents

Each resident must submit two proofs of residency to qualify for a parking permit. Only the proofs listed below can be accepted. No list of residents will be accepted as a proof of residency. Magazines, parcels, and junk mail are also not accepted as proofs of residency. All proofs of residency must be in the resident’s name and show the qualifying address. Except for the lease, all proofs must be dated within the last 60 days.

  • A copy of the current fully executed lease;
  • A copy of a current GRU bill;
  • If a lease or GRU bill is provided as proof 1, then a printout of the emergency contact page from UF or SFC showing the resident’s name and qualifying address as the local address can be accepted as proof 2;
  • An official letter from UF or SFC;
  • A phone, cable, or internet bill, bank/credit card statement, renter’s insurance policy, and/or other official mail.

If you have the required documents ready to upload,

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