Your Health Matters to Us!

The City of Gainesville endeavors each year to keep your voluntary health insurance cost to a minimum. We find we do this best with your help! Two areas that drive costs up for everyone are emergency room visits and non-generic prescription drug costs. Please remember, the cost of our insurance is directly related to how much we spend during our plan years! When you are considering a trip to the emergency room, determine if you could be treated just as well, if not faster and more personally, at an urgent care center and when obtaining prescriptions always ask if there is a generic or lower cost medication that would be just as effective. These small changes can make a huge difference.

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May 2017 Better You Newsletter
April 2017 Better You Newsletter 


All enrollment and change forms must be turned in to the Risk Management Department for changes to take affect.

Benefits Enrollment Form - Used to enroll or to waive coverage for voluntary health insurance
Major Medical Claim Form - Used to file claims for reimbursement for covered health care

Pharmacy - Prescription Claim Form - Used to file claims for reimbursement for prescription medications
Pharmacy - PrimeMail Order Form - Used when ordering a new prescription through PrimeMail prescription service
Pharmacy - PrimeMail Reorder Form - Used when refilling prescriptions through PrimeMail prescription service


Summary of Benefits - Summary of voluntary health coverage
Summary of Benefits SWEETS - Summary of voluntary health coverage for SWEETS program participants
* Benefit Plan Booklet * - Detailed plan description of voluntary health coverage
Schedule of Benefits - How the cost are split (Deductible, coinsurance, etc)

Info - Preventative Care Guidelines for Adults and Children - Recommendations to discuss with your physician
Info - Preventative Care Guidelines for Ages 65 Plus - Recommendation to discuss with your physician
Info - Urgent and Convenient Care Centers - Local participating Urgent and Convenient care centers
Info - ER vs Urgent Care - Decision making tool
Info - Florida Blue Mobile - Florida Blue Mobile Application brochure
Info - Health Insurance Market Place Notice - Health Insurance Market Place Information
Info - Health Care Wherever You Go - How to use your health care benefit while traveling brochure

Pharmacy - Generic Opportunities at a Glance - Name brand / generic medication comparison list
Pharmacy - Target Generic Prescription List - List of generic medications available at Target retail store
Pharmacy - Walmart Prescription Program Drug List - List of medications and their costs available at Walmart retail store