Sidewalk Maintenance

The City of Gainesville funds three concrete crews that maintain and repair sidewalks, curbs, and curb inlets. While priority is given to repairing potentially unsafe facilities, their work contributes to the Department's performance targets of 30 new ADA ramps per year and one mile of new bicycle/pedestrian facilties each year.

Curb & Gutter Construction and Maintenance
The concrete section removes and replaces curb.  The repairs are usually required because of damage incurred by tree roots, utility cuts, or from the Resurfacing Program list. Work is generated by input from citizens, Gainesville Regional Utilities, or through in-house inspection by Operations Division personnel.

Sidewalk Construction & Maintenance 
The concrete section removes and replaces sidewalk and ADA Ramps. Repair work is generated by the same method as curb work. Concrete grinding of raised sidewalk is a method used to increase response time and prolong the life of the sidewalk before it has to be replaced. Concrete grinding is a very cost-effective method of removing raised areas that are less than one (1) inch.

Curb Inlet Construction and Repair
The concrete section repairs curb inlets that have been damaged by heavy vehicles such as garbage trucks.

Last updated February 2, 2017