Right-of-Way Permits

A Right-of-Way Obstruction Permit must be obtained prior to performing any work on a city street, parking area, sidewalk or trail (Gainesville Code of Ordinances - Chapter 23 - Article V. Public Rights-of-Way Obstructions).  

Any person, entity or communications service provider that desires to place or maintain a communications facility in the city is required to first register.  Upon an effective registration, a Utility Permit must be obtained prior to performing any work in the city's rights-of-way (Gainesville Code of Ordinances - Chapter 23 - Article VI. Public Rights-of-Way Use by Utilities). The entirety of the ordinance may be viewed by clicking here.

For file attachments larger than 2 MB, please use the city's simple file sharing program. Please specify the recipient address as and include your own email for a confirmation receipt. NOTE: If you are inquiring about a Building Permit (building, driveway, etc.), please contact the Building Department at 352-334-5050 or

Public Works Permit FAQs

Do I need a permit?
Chapter 23 of the city ordinances requires a permit for any person, corporation, public agency, or other entity not exempt from this section that obstructs any right-of-way in the City of Gainesville, or whose actions temporarily will obstruct the general movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, must first obtain a permit from the Public Works Department.  

What are the types of permits?
The Right-of-Way Obstruction form is used to permit any obstruction of the right-of-way not related to a utility.

The Right-of-Way Utility form is used to permit utility work, including telecommunications, in the city’s right-of-way.

Tree Removal permits are issued by the Urban Forestry Program at Public Works and require a different permit application. Email: Phone: 352-393-8171

Driveway permits are issued separately through the Building Department located in the Thomas Center, Building B, first floor at 306 NE 6th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida; phone 352-334-5050. 

How do I apply for a permit?
Email to:

Mail or deliver to:
City of Gainesville Public Works Department
405 NW 39th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32609

Can I meet with Public Works staff to discuss a permit?

Yes, the Public Works Department is open Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Contact the Public Works Department at 352-334-5070 or send an email to to schedule a meeting.

How much does it cost to get a permit?
Click here for the current fee schedule.

How long does it take to get a permit?
Public Works is committed to reviewing complete Right-of-Way Obstruction permit applications within fifteen (15) business days. The application review period for utility permits is 60 calendar days after the date of filing a complete application. 

If the permit application includes closing any parking or placing cranes in the right of way, Public Works may require up to seven (7) additional days for review.

What codes does the city use?

Permitting requirements are defined in the City of Gainesville Code of Ordinances and the City of Gainesville Engineering Design & Construction Manual

Who is involved in review of the permits?
  • Public Works: 352-334-5070
  • Gainesville Police: 352-393-7522
  • Gainesville Fire Rescue: 352-334-5065
  • RTS: 352-393-7842
  • Risk Management: 352-393-8894

When can I start work? When is my permit active?
Your permit will be issued based on the construction start and end dates you provide (given that at least 15 business days are provided for review of Obstruction permits; 60 days for Utility permits), at which time all work is to be completed. If the construction start and/or end date need to be modified, please contact the Public Works Department with 7 day minimum notice prior to start date and/or end date.

Am I required to have an inspection?
Yes, all permits require a kick-off meeting prior to starting work and final inspection approval is required to complete the permit. The project is not legally complete until the permit passes final inspection, and bonding will not be released until final acceptance inspection and maintenance bond is in place, if required.

How do I schedule an inspection?
Contact the Public Works Department at 352-334-5070 or to schedule a Right of Way or Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) inspection.

NOTE:  To schedule an inspection related to a Building Permit (i.e. driveway, silt fence, etc.), please contact the Building Department at 352-334-5050 or

What is required for Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)?
An approved Traffic Control Plan must be implemented by a Worksite Traffic Supervisor certified in the advanced category by a FDOT-approved training provider. See language on back of permit application regarding additional MOT requirements.

Am I required to obtain a bond for my permit?
Yes, per the City Code of Ordinances, “The Public Works Director of designee shall determine the deposit amount, based upon the nature and extent of the work to be performed within the right-of-way.”  This can be in the form of a cash deposit, surety bond, or letter of credit in favor of the city, and agree to restore the right-of-way to the same or better condition that existed when the permit was issued, and to pay for any damage to public property and/or for trash and debris removal to be performed by the applicant.

What is the minimum asphalt patch size?
The minimum patch size is the full lane width wide by at least 8’ long. Partial lane patches are not allowed.

Driveway Permits
The construction and removal of driveways is regulated by the City of Gainesville Code of ordinances Chapter 23, Article V. The entirety of the ordinance can be viewed at Inspections are scheduled through the Building Department, 352-334-5050 or

For plan or construction issues, call the Public Works Department at 352-334-5070.
Regarding building and driveway permits, call the Building Department at 352-334-5050.

Last updated 08/27/19