Pavement Management

The City of Gainesville Public Works Department strives to be among the best in the state and county for the condition of its roadways. We work hard to ensure that our city roadways are the best they can be by utilizing allocated funding effectively and efficiently. To assist us with managing the pavement, the department uses MicroPaver to track pavement condition.  Using this as a tool, along with other pertinent data (such as traffic volumes, other planned capital projects in the area, and connectivity), the Planning and Operations Divisions work together to develop a three year residential streets pavement management list.  The pavement management program is performed by both in-house and contracted sources. The Asphalt Section has three primary maintenance functions:


When the roadway integrity is affected by curb replacement, root damage, sinkholes and utility cuts, the asphalt crew is deployed. This crew has more equipment and personnel to handle these larger volumes of material and work. When requested, they also handle small utility cuts.


Pavement management of selected streets is performed by in-house and outside contractors. This work is scheduled and maintained by asphalt section personnel.


The asphalt repair patch crew responds and repairs potholes within the city limits. These concerns are usually  generated by citizen inquires. Routine scheduled maintenance is coordinated as needed.


Last updated February 8, 2017