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Listed below are applications for review by the Planning Department, as well as guides for the process and submittal requirements.

Land Development Fees:

Land Development Fees

Applications: New Development

EPlan Site Plan Application

Special Use Permit Application

Review Board Variance Application

City Plan Board Application - Zoning or Land Use Change 

City Plan Board Application - Text Amendment

Mailing Label Application For Neighborhood Workshop

Public Meeting Sign Affidavit

Applications: Infrastructure and Environment

Regulated Natural Resources Review Exemption Application

Environmental Review Application

Tree Removal Permit & Replanting Agreement Form

Wellfield Exemption

Wellfield Protection Permit

School Concurrency Form

Concurrency Exemption Application

Traffic Study Review Application

Nighttime Construction Exception Request

Applications: Lots and Property

E911 Address Request

Subdivision Application

Lot Split Application

Vacate Public Right-Of-Way Application

Historic Preservation - Property Tax Exemption Application (Part 1)

Historic Preservation - Property Tax Exemption Application (Part 2)

Applications: Existing Businesses

Alcoholic Beverage License Application

Doggy Dining Application

Sign Permit Worksheet

Interim Sign Permit

Sign Face Change Permit

Zoning Verification Form

Zoning Letter Request

Sidewalk Cafe Annual Application

Applications: Miscellaneous

Airport Obstruction Permit

Emergency Declaration Extension

Administrative Modification Application

Density Bonus Points Manual 

Property Owner Affidavit

Updated November 11, 2017