Current Planning

The Current Planning Division coordinates the review processes for development plans, subdivisions, special use permits, planned developments, and variances.  To facilitate these processes, the City offers a First Step Meeting, where representatives of various City departments provide information and assistance.  Click here to download a brochure on First Step Meetings. After attending a First Step Meeting, some developments over a certain size must first hold a neighborhood workshop

Development Review 

Most types of development require a separate development plan approval prior to applying for building permits.  Development plans are either reviewed by the Development Review Board in a public hearing or approved administratively by City staff, depending on the size and nature of the development. Click here for a Guide to the Development Review Process or for a flowchart of the steps involved.

2019 EPlan Review Schedule for DRB, SUPs and PDs (Plan Board)

Special Use Permits 

Some activities or developments may only be allowed by special approval from the City Plan Board through the special use permit process.  Requests for a special use permit are usually accompanied by a development plan.


The Development Review Board may grant variances from building heights, yard setbacks, and certain other requirements in the Land Development Code. 

2017-2018 Variance Schedule for DRB Review.

Click here to download a Zoning Compliance Permit Form. Be sure to visit the Planning Department's forms and applications page for additional information.