The High Nooners Play a Musical Tribute to the American West at “Free Fridays” July 7


The High Nooners are playing at the “Free Fridays” All-American Song Fest Friday, July 7 at Bo Diddley Plaza. For the past 10 years, “Free Fridays” has hosted the All-American Song Fest on the first Friday in July to commemorate America’s independence with a celebration of American Music.

Some of the themes over the years have included patriotic songs, protest songs, songs about American places and people, songs by American songwriters and even a Gainesville version of the NPR radio program “A Prairie Home Companion,” renamed appropriately A Payne’s Prairie Home Companion. This year, the High Nooners will croon, hoot and holler their way through a whole passel of songs about the American West.

Formed in 2015, the High Nooners performed their one and only show to date at Gainesville's Old Depot. Those who attended that shindig or viewed its video were havin’ a hankerin’ fer some more, so the gang, happy to oblige, is back in the saddle again. Playing classic Wild West favorites, as well as a full complement of original cowboy songs, the High Nooners hit the trail facing all of the hardships and drama that a ragtag band of cowpunchers can handle!

The High Nooners’ gang leader, Michael Claytor (guitar/vocals), is joined by Jon Alexander (pedal steel), Chelsea Carnes (trumpet), Andrew Cook (fiddle/vocals), Chris Hillman (bass), Scott Kauffman (drums) and Sam Moss (percussion/vocals).

Free Fridays is funded in part by Culture Builds Florida. The entire “Free Fridays” 2017 schedule can be viewed at The Bo Diddley Plaza is located at 111 E. University Ave. in downtown Gainesville. For general information, contact Russell Etling, cultural affairs manager, at or 352-393-8532. For more information about this event, please contact David Ballard at or 352-393-8746.