Other Facilities

Bo Diddley Plaza

The beautiful Bo Diddley Community Plaza is located at 111 E. University Avenue on the corner of SE 1st Street and E. University Avenue in the heart of Historic Gainesville. It is available for concerts, festivals, church gatherings and more throughout the year; offering a covered stage as well as a picnic and park area. It was renamed in 2008, after the death of a local treasure - legendary rock & roll singer, guitarist and songwriter, Bo Diddley.

Please visit the new website at www.BoDiddleyPlaza.com.

For alternative site rental information, rules and regulations, please contact Nigell Hamm , CRA at (352) 393-8202 or HammN1@cityofgainesville.org.

Tench Building Artist Studios

The Cultural Affairs Division manages this facility in the downtown area to accommodate six local artists' studio spaces and the Sweetwater Print Cooperative at nominal monthly rental fees. The studios host several open houses throughout the year. The Tench Building is located at 115 S. Main Street. For more information or to submit rental applications, please contact Erica Chatman, CMP, at (352) 393-8539 or chatmanej@cityofgainesville.org.