Office Equal Opportunity News

EO Director Recommends Policies & Procedures to Increase Access, Equity & Diversity in Procurement


The EO Director promised several new policies and procedures to the Equal Opportunity Committee.  The changes include:

-Creation of a Service-Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program

- Amending both Procurement Policy and Procedures for purchases more than $2,000 and less than $50,000 to have 3 written quotes, and require one of the quotes to come from a certified small and/or service-disabled veteran business, if they exist.

- Realigning the Procurement Policy and Procedures for scoring process during bid selection by re-aligning the point breakdown to include points if you are certified small and/or service disabled veteran business (5% maximum of total points)

- Policy language allowing the City to provide affirmative procurement initiatives in our race and gender neutral program and include sheltered market opportunities for small and service-disabled veteran businesses.

- Policy language creating an internal staff committee to review upcoming solicitations for affirmative procurement initiatives.

For more information, please contact the OEO at 352-334-5051.