Latest News from the City of Gainesville

Be sure to vote today in the City of Gainesville election for district 2, district 3 and the at-large 2 commission seat. Registered voters in district 2 and district 3 can vote for their district commissioner. Registered voters citywide can vote for the at-large 2 seat.

Posted by: Rawson, Laura

The City of Gainesville and the Florida League of Cities (FLC) are pleased to announce City Commissioner Susan Bottcher (District III) from Gainesville, Fla. has graduated from the inaugural class of the Institute for Elected Municipal Officials (IEMO) III: The Leadership Challenge. Created 21 years ago as a way to educate newly elected officials on the intricacies of municipal government in a cost-effective manner, the IEMO emerged from a partnership between the Florida League of Cities and the John Scott Dailey Institute of Government. A second level was created in 1994 as the Advanced Institute, and now a leadership-based course has been developed as IEMO III. Bottcher previously completed the basic and advanced IEMO courses since 2011.