Pilot Off-site Soil Remediation Action in Stephen Foster Neighborhood


Beazer East, Inc., the responsible party for the contamination at the Koppers portion of the Cabot-Koppers Superfund site, will begin a pilot soil removal and replacement action at one property in the Stephen Foster Neighborhood. It is located at 436 NW 30th Ave., adjacent to the western boundary of the former Koppers site.

This pilot project is intended to provide preliminary information that will serve as a model for future remediation activities at other properties in the neighborhood. The property owner and Beazer East have agreed on a soil removal plan and landscape replacement plan for the property. Approximately one foot of soil will be removed and replaced from the property. Soil removal and replacement activities at the pilot parcel will occur from Nov. 18 through Nov. 26, with landscape replacement taking place in the first weeks of December.

Beazer East, Inc. will also perform work on-site in preparation for work at the pilot location. Construction activities such as soil removal, tree removal, soil stockpiling and temporary roadbed preparation will be performed on the former Koppers site. Beazer East will apply best management practices to minimize the generation of dust during these activities and will conduct dust monitoring.

The Beazer work plan approved by USEPA is available on the Alachua County Environmental Protection Cabot-Koppers Web page at:

Scott Miller, USEPA Remedial Project Manager, Region 4 Atlanta, 404-562-9120
Amy Shafer, City of Gainesville, Project Coordinator, 352-260-1930
John Mousa, Alachua County Environmental Protection Department, 352-264-6805