Griffin and Strong, P.C. schedules virtual sessions about upcoming City of Gainesville disparity study


Members of the business community and neighbors are invited to participate in two virtual meetings hosted by Griffin & Strong P.C. The public meetings are intended for participants to convey their experiences or attempts to do business with the City of Gainesville. Registration for the meetings is free and recommended, but not required to participate.


The City of Gainesville has secured Griffin & Strong P.C. to administer the study and interview local business owners and neighbors. The study is designed to identify potential disparities in the utilization of minority- and women-owned businesses (MBEs and WBEs) in city procurement. It also will assess whether MBEs and WBEs have the maximum opportunity to compete for, and participate in, the city’s procurement of prime contracts and subcontracts.

For additional information, email Griffin & Strong at Please note all comments may be recorded and potentially used in the study.