Important Post-Irma Telephone Numbers You Need to Know


Now that Irma has hit us and we're still dealing with wind and rain bands, be sure to have the following numbers handy for reporting issues:

  • 352-955-1818 for local public safety for non-emergencies
  • 352-334-2871 for power outages and downed power lines (do NOT check to see if they're live)
  • 352-334-2550 for natural gas emergencies
  • 311 for local rumor control
  • Report non-emergency local issues (i.e. street sign damage, downed trees, streetlight outage, drainage issues) online via 311GNV at
  • 911 should only be used for emergencies

Please be sure to reserve 911 for emergencies. Operators are receiving many non-emergency calls right now, which slows down their call time for life-threatening situations.

Calls received are being prioritized, so please be patient.