Seeking Applicants for the Citizen Committee for Implementing the Strategic Framework


The City of Gainesville is seeking applicants for the newly-created Citizen Committee for Implementing the Strategic Framework. Committee members will assess and prioritize the community’s “big ideas” by using the following guiding questions:

  • How might we support a strong economy?
  • How might we foster greater equity?
  • How might we plan for a better future?
  • How might we be a community model?

The committee has a 60-day life-span, and will be comprised of 14 participants. The goal is to identify 12-15 ideas during workshops throughout March and April, with three to five ideas recommended per guiding question. The City Commission is expected to make appointments to the committee at the Thursday, Feb. 16 meeting.

The application deadline is 4 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 15. To apply online, visit