City Manager Appointed to Smart Cities Connect Advisory Board


The City of Gainesville is pleased to announce the appointment of City Manager Anthony Lyons to the Smart Cities Connect Advisory Board. Smart Cities Connect is the world’s largest city-only membership community, which supports a forum for city leaders to exchange information and best practices, as well as connect with digital resources such as webinars, white papers, news and events in support of smart cities globally. Lyons is the only city manager appointed to the 17-member international advisory committee, whose membership includes municipal government officers from across the United States, India and South Korea.

“I am humbled, and at the same time excited, by this opportunity to connect our city to more than 2,000 other communities across the globe seeking to empower one another as we adopt new solutions, aid in problem solving, and harness resources for the betterment of cities, communities and their citizens,” said Lyons. The group is advancing the growth of smart cities by working together in four major areas: community, research, media and events, as they discuss projects and share common goals and challenges.

Lyons will lead the City of Gainesville’s presentation team at the Second Annual Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo, entitled “Placing Cities First,” scheduled June 26 -28, 2017 in Austin, Texas. The presentation is expected to showcase successes by Gainesville’s municipal government and community partners in implementing citizen-centered initiatives and in redefining what the new American city looks like today. For more information about the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo, visit