Fire Stations

For information on ISO Fire Protection Classification or closest hydrant, call 352-334-5078.

You may be able to locate your closest hydrant on the map provided by Gainesville's open data portal - use this link HYDRANT MAP


Station 1: Built in 1962 at 427 S Main Street: Engine 1, Tower 1, Squad 1 and District 1, as well as GFR's Technical Rescue Trailers.  A replacement for Station 1 is in the design phase and will be constructed at 525 S Main Street, slightly south of the current location, during FY17-FY18.

Station 2: Built in 1976 at 2210 SW Archer Road: Engine 2, Tower 2 and Hazmat 2.

Station 3: Built in 1960 at 900 NE Waldo Road: Engine 3 and an Alachua County EMS transport unit.

Station 4: At 10 SW 36th Street -- designed as a fallout shelter in 1964. The exterior walls and roof are concrete, 12 inches thick. Engine 4.

Station 5: Built in 1964 at 1244 NW 30th Avenue: Quint 5

Station 6: Built in 1979 at 3681 NE 47th Avenue and serves the Gainesville Regional Airport. It houses Crash 61, Crash 63, Chemical 62, and Utility 6 - an air and light support unit.  Construction for a new Airport Fire Station at 3638 NE 39th Avenue is in-progress during 2017.

Station 7: Built in 1980 is at 5601 NW 43rd Street: Engine 7.

Station 8: Opened June 27, 2011 at 3223 NW 42nd Avenue:  Quint 8 and District 2.

Station 9: Station 9 opened September 6, 2017 in a modular building at 4213 SW 30th Avenue.  GFR plans to run a three-person company from this location in an apparatus that will have fire suppression capability:  Squad 9.