Citizens' Academy Sessions

The Sessions

Session Information: On this page, you will find digital presentations and handouts from each session. To view the information, please click on the corresponding link. Presentations will be available after the actual session.

Session 1: Governing the City

Overview of General Government
Budget Overview
City Commission Overview
Office of Equal Opportunity Overview
Communications Office Overview

Session 2: GFR: Protecting the Public

Gainesville Fire Rescue Overview

Session 3: It Starts in Parks!

Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Overview

Session 4: GPD: Protecting the Public

GPD Overview
Emergency Services Unit video

Session 5: Connecting Our Community

Public Works Overview
RTS Overview

Session 6: More Than Energy

Facilities Management Overview
Housing and Community Development Overview
GRU presentation

Session 7: Building a Vibrant Community

Auditor's Overview
Civic Engagement Overview
Economic Development & Innovation Overview
Department of Doing Overview
Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Overview