Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives supports the city in creating a better Gainesville.

Strategic Initiatives leads long-term planning with the City Manager’s Office. We leverage data and performance measures to guide operations. Our team employs people-centered design to improve experiences. We build partnerships to solve community challenges and foster engagement to develop inclusive participation.



STRATEGIC PLANNING defines the long-term vision and goals with the community, City Commission and city leadership. We identify strategies and leverage data and performance measures to evaluate success.

Contact Laura Graetz, Senior Strategic Planner
Contact Elin Philpot, Performance & Data Analyst


NEIGHBOR-CENTERED DESIGN focuses on process improvement projects for the city. We look at the touch-points a person has with the city – policies, programs, services, technologies and facilities. We use human-centered design to plan and implement projects aimed at improving those interactions.

Contact Jacqueline Stetson, Neighbor-Centered Design Director
TBD, Service Design Program Manager
Contact John John, Service Design Strategist
Contact Donia Kirchman, Executive Assistant, Sr.


PARTNERSHIPS & COLLABORATION builds and fosters relationships with local stakeholders. We strive to connect local talent and resources to address community needs.

Contact Karissa Raskin, Civic Collaboration Supervisor
Contact Brandace Stone, Civic Collaboration Specialist