Annexation FAQs

Why does Gainesville facilitate annexation?

The city of Gainesville facilitates annexations in order to maintain consistent and cost-effective city services.  Generally, when areas become urban in nature municipal services are offered through annexation. 

What is the annexation process?

Currently, annexations can take place in two different ways, by a referendum or by a voluntary petition. Thinking about voluntarily applying for annexation? The application can be found online here.

What does annexation mean to me?

Municipal services are in place to accommodate urban areas. The City offers its residents access to city sewer service, mosquito control remedies, frequent street sweeping of major arterial roadways, neighborhood beautification programs, housing assistance to low-income families including home repairs and home replacement programs as well as energy efficiency assistance. In addition to these services, residents have a vote in City elections and opportunities for enhanced RTS bus service.

Can my property be annexed? / Why am I receiving information about annexation?

We frequently analyze properties around the city boundary to see if they would benefit by being integrated into the City of Gainesville. Your property may be included in future analyses if it is;

(1) Contiguous to the city boundary

(2) Compact

(3) In the urban reserve area

(4) Not already incorporated into another municipality

(5) Urban in nature

What’s new?

The document governing annexation in Gainesville, the Boundary Adjustment Act, is currently under evaluation. Any potential amendments will be reviewed by the Alachua County League of Cities and are scheduled to be taken to the legislative session of spring 2015.

How can I get more information about annexation?

You can call Lila Stewart, Senior Strategic Planner at the City of Gainesville at 352-393-8588. Or you can email us at We look forward to hearing from you!