Navigant Consulting Investigative Review of GRU

The City Commission selected Navigant Consulting to perform an external investigative review of GRU because of the firm’s expertise, including the following areas: power supply solicitation, acquisition and contract negotiation; investigative services and litigation support to large clients; knowledge and experience related to governance, processes and controls for municipalities and their public power entities; data collection, organization and presentation and e-discovery services.

In coordination with the City Auditor’s Office, Navigant Consulting has been working on the investigative review of GRU since the City Commission approved its contract for professional investigative review services in October 2014. To date, Navigant has held numerous meetings with city and GRU staff members, elected officials and citizens.

The firm has gathered and analyzed hundreds of gigabytes of data in the form of emails, memos and documents believed to be relevant to their investigative review.  All information received, produced, or derived from Navigant’s investigation is available for viewing upon request.

A special city commission meeting was held Wednesday, April 15, 2015 where Navigant Consulting presented their report to the City Commission. It can be viewed below.

Some of the support materials reviewed by Navigant Consulting are linked below.

 TitleModified DateSize
Reference 100-109.pdf4/15/201539.68 MB
Reference 11.pdf4/15/201519.94 MB
Reference 110-119.pdf4/15/201548.18 MB
Reference 120-129.pdf4/15/201556.05 MB
Reference 130-139.pdf4/15/20156.37 MB
Reference 140-148.pdf4/15/201515.45 MB
Reference 148-158.pdf4/15/201548.96 MB
Reference 159-168.pdf4/15/201525.66 MB
Reference 169-178.pdf4/15/201521.08 MB
Reference 179-188.pdf4/15/201514.19 MB
Reference 189-198.pdf4/15/2015118.32 MB
Reference 199-208.pdf4/15/201523.23 MB
Reference 209-218.pdf4/15/201517.46 MB
Reference 219-228.pdf4/15/20154.59 MB
Reference 229-238.pdf4/15/201576.00 MB
Reference 47.pdf4/15/2015305.83 MB
Reference 48-57.pdf4/15/201519.45 MB
Reference 58-67.pdf4/15/201523.68 MB
Reference 68-77.pdf4/15/201532.57 MB
Reference 78-87.pdf4/15/201575.25 MB
Reference 886/9/20153.15 MB
Reference 896/9/2015289.10 KB
Reference 90-99.pdf4/15/2015158.66 MB
References 1-10.pdf4/15/201515.35 MB
References 12-20.pdf4/15/201517.71 MB
References 21-30.pdf4/15/20157.82 MB
References 31-40.pdf4/15/201514.79 MB
References 41-46.pdf4/15/201529.27 MB