City Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos (District IV)

Commissioner Adrian Hayes-Santos
Term 1: May 2016 - May 2019
Term 2: May 2019 - January 2023

Adrian Hayes-Santos was elected in March 2016 and began his term as the District 4 Commissioner in May 2016.  He was reelected for a three and a half year term in 2019.

Commissioner Hayes-Santos’ background is in entrepreneurship, and he has worked with multiple startups in the Gainesville area. He also serves on the Florida Diabetes Camp Board of Directors. He previously served on the City Beautification Board, Community Redevelopment Agency’s Downtown Redevelopment Advisory Board, the Regional Transit System Advisory Board and the City of Gainesville Canvassing Board before being elected into office.

Commissioner Hayes-Santos holds a Master of Science in International Business, a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Urban Planning from the University of Florida. He also has an Associate of Arts degree from Santa Fe College. He grew up in Gainesville and currently lives in northeast Gainesville.

Commissioner Hayes-Santos’s previous committee assignments include: Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency, Alachua County Library District, Empowerment Center Oversight Advisory Board, Rental Housing Committee and the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council.

Committees: Commissioner Hayes-Santos currently serves on the Gainesville/Alachua County Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization, General Policy Committee and Digital Access Committee.

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