Is there a cost to making a public request?

Requests that are broad or vague in nature typically result in the review of large amounts of data or records, and can incur extensive costs and a delayed response. The more specific your request is, the better staff is able to locate the record with a quicker response and  without exorbitant costs, or possibly no cost at all.

Copy Fees and Special Service Charges

A. Any person may inspect public records in the presence of a city employee (or designee), and he or she may tab, clip, or in some other form, identify which documents he or she would like copied.  The employee will compute the cost of the requested copies and collect all copy costs from the person requesting copies of public records prior to making any copies. 

B. City employees shall charge for all copies of public records the rates allowable by Florida law, as may be amended from time to time; provided; however, that the first 10 copies per week, per person shall be without charge. Currently, the rates allowable by Florida law and the city’s administrative procedure are as follows:

Copy Type Cost 
 First ten (10) paper copies  Free
 Paper copies of not more than 8 1/2" x 14"  $0.15 per one-sided copy, or $0.20 per two-sided copy
 Certified copies of a public record  $1.00 per copy
 DVDs  $1.00 per disc
 All other copies  Actual cost of duplication

C. If the nature or volume of public records requested to be inspected or requires extensive use (more than 15 minutes) of resources or extensive clerical or supervisory assistance by the city employees involved, employees will charge, in addition to copy costs, a special service charge, which shall be reasonable and shall be based on the cost incurred for such extensive use of information technology resources or the labor cost of the city employees providing the service that is actually incurred by the city or attributable to the city for the clerical and supervisory assistance required, or both. The special service charge shall be computed to the nearest quarter of an hour exceeding 15 minutes based on the current rate of pay and benefits for the pay grade of the person who performed the service and will be assessed when appropriate regardless of the number of individual copies made. 

D. The requestor will be notified of any and all potential fees and charges associated with their public records request prior to inspection and copying.  An estimate of the fees and charges may be provided to the requestor and approval obtained prior to producing the request.  Payment of all fees and charges assessed must be received prior to copies being made and provided to the requestor and prior to the use of extensive information technology resources or staff time to respond to a public records request.