ePlan Review

What is ePlan Review?

ePlan Review is the City of Gainesville’s digital development review solution. This software solution allows developers to electronically submit and monitor development projects as they go through the city’s review for utility, building, zoning, and planning compliance. ePlan Review allows city departments and other agencies to review projects simultaneously, which helps to resolve conflicting reviewer commentary and reduce review time, all the while ensuring an efficient and transparent review process overall. 

Why ePlan Review?

  • Reduces travel time to the Thomas Center and GRU
  • Allows plan uploads from anywhere, anytime
  • Improves turnaround times and accuracy with collaborative reviewing
  • Reduces paper, printing, fuel, storage, and disposal costs
  • Conserves resources by saving trees, reducing water usage and waste, and lowering emissions

How to do ePlan Review

  • A permit application is submitted to the Building Department via Citizen Access, Fax, Mail, or in person, including the applicable permit fees and a valid email address
  • The Applicant will receive an email inviting them to upload their construction plans and documents with plans being single sheet (.pdf) files, and multi-page documents (truss drawing, energy forms, load calculations, wind load analysis, etc.) in individual multi-page (.pdf) files
  • Construction plans and documents prepared by an engineer or architect will require an electronic seal and digital signature in compliance with the Florida Administrative Code
  • The Building Inspection Department will perform an administrative sufficiency review within two (2) business days and notify the applicant of any administrative submittal requirements still outstanding
  • A Plans Examiner will be assigned to your project, perform a technical sufficiency review, coordinate the review process, provide comments, and upon approval issue the permit
  • With the approval and issuance of the permit, the applicant will be notified the approved construction plans and documents are available for download and will be required to print in color and have available for the Inspectors on the jobsite
  • Revised drawings and documents will be submitted and reviewed in the same manner

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