General Employee Pension

The City Commission serves as the Board of Trustees for the General Employees' Pension Plan.  The Pension Review Committee (PRC) assists the Board of Trustees in reviewing investment policies and performance, and making investment recommendations.  The PRC is comprised of five (5) members each serving five (5) year terms.  Investment advisory experience is required in order to serve as a member of the Pension Review Committee.

The Summary Plan Description (SPD) for the General Employees' Pension Plan can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  Employees' Pension Plan SPD. This SPD is only intended to introduce employees to the Plan and answer the most frequently asked questions.

General Employee Pension
Actuarial Valuation Reports 2014  
Government Accounting Standards Board
(GASB) 67 and 68 Reports

2014 (67)

2015 (67)
2015 (68)
112.664 State Disclosure Reports


Auditor's Reports 2014 2015
Fund 604 Post Audit Financial Statements 2014 (pg. 378)
2015 (pg. 384)
Performance Report   2015

Pension Review Committee Members:

Jon Visscher (Chairperson)
Pam Burns
Chris Cleary
Harvey Lewis
Stan Livengood