Doing Business

Want to do Business with the City of Gainesville?

  1. Read “Doing Business with the City of Gainesville, Florida” (under construction)
    1. Living Wage: The full text of the current living wage rate along with City Ordinance 020663 is available in the documents section for download. Ordinance 020663 is the original version, and Ordinance 030168 was drafted to correct a scrivener's error in the original version.
    2. Local Preference: The full text of the City ordinance 001261 pertaining to the Local Preference is available in the documents section for download along with Ordinance 050896 (amending Ordinance 001261)
  2. Get on the list of vendors:
    1. DemandStar
    2. Reach out to the Office of Equal Opportunity regarding the Small and Service-Disabled Veteran Business Program  
    3. Use Vendor Guide (available in the documents section for download) to contact City Departments/Divisions
  3. If you have questions contact the Purchasing Division at 352-334-5021
    1. Procurement Policy is available in the documents section for download
  4. THE CITY OF GAINESVILLE PAYS ONLY BY VISA OR EFT. To receive EFT payments from the City of Gainesville the Vendor Application must be completed and returned to the City department you are doing business with for processing. Vendor Applications are to be completed only if you are expecting a payment from the City of Gainesville.

View current bids handled by the Procurement Division.

Click here for information on monthly vendor meetings.  This time is set aside for vendors to come in and have face-to-face discussions with a procurement representative on how to do business.

Documents For Doing Business with the City of Gainesville

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